painting by J.D. Rage
© 1990 J.D. Rage


Baby Boom live at CBGB
June 14, 1984
vocal by JD Rage


SID IS DEAD    © 1984 JD Rage

I'm a mess, the blue button read.
The English boy who often wore it long since dead,
she thought she was him ... in the old days like
confusion was restrained in the mental home.

But she still thinks she is and they know she's crazy
but sometimes to humor her they call her by his name
and other times they do it for a laugh....
It wasn't funny to her since she thought
it's enough trouble to lead your own life without
having to carry on for a soul whose body left too soon.

Sid is dead. (7 times)

They said he killed someone he was supposed to have loved,
she'd been feeling like that ever since he joined her.
There were things she swore she'd never do...
Now when she shoots up she thinks how easy it would be to
cut her wrists, because all the things that were rumoured to cause
extreme physical pain didn't and she knew that a
razor blade would be the same.

Sid is dead. (7 times)

She would float in a cool fluid and her brain would stop all its agonizing;
wouldn't it be nice to rest without dreaming and always worrying
about what some stranger said in the street?

Sid is dead. (7 times)

© 1983, 2003 Rant Records

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